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  • Heating foils

    They heat terrariums, vivariums, or the substrate under which they are placed well and provide breeding animals with space for local heating.

    They can be used not only in terrariums, but also in incubators for insect breeding.

    These heating pads produce infrared heat with ultra-long wavelengths. This wavelength heats the objects in the room rather than the air . The surface of the heating foils heats up, but provides very mild heat, which allows reptiles to lie directly on them. Farmed animals absorb this radiant heat in a way that is very similar to their natural environment.

  • Ceramic heat radiators

    ReptiEye ceramic radiators are an excellent heat source that emits no light, only heat.

    They are installed in classic E27 porcelain sockets and are therefore ideal for heating terrariums from above. It is possible to connect them to a thermostat and use them constantly, for example at night. Due to the fact that it does not emit any light, it does not disrupt the day / night cycle of the animals.

    The ceramic radiator is also very suitable for heating shelters, such as wooden huts in enclosures for land turtles.

  • Heating stones

    Hand-made heating stones made of slate with a natural look in the Czech Republic ( each stone is original).

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Showing 1 - 9 of 15 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 15 items

Terrarium heating

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